31 October 2008


Isn't it interesting...things we hold so dear can be gone within a matter of moments? At least things that we thought were exciting even for only a few moments. As soon as we lose it, our world is shattered. Little things even! My mother mailed me this really cool pen. I was really excited to use it. I was going to use it for all my papers at work. And then, within two hours of owning this really spiffy pen, my miniature wiener dog destroyed it. Even if I didn't care about the pen too much in the first place, my heart fell. Having something precious given from one's mother destroyed by a ravenous outsider. Even though this is trivial, it meant something to me. I'm starting to see how my mind works: How I value things so little until they're gone. That's my problem in life. At the time I don't care until it's gone. Then I get so emotionally upset I can't think, sleep, feel.


  1. You really have insight to truths and mortal conditions that plague us all. I struggle with this constatly with my health. I find myself feeling sorry for myself, 'cuz my health isn't better, than when it takes a downturn, I'm mad I wasn't more grateful for how good it was. I hope to someday live in gratitude always, no matter what's going on in my life.Ness, you are such a wonderful, beautiful human being. How lucky I am, that the Lord finally answered my prayer with such a special sister!!

  2. All these things in the physical world are just toys. Down to the food we eat and the clothes we wear. Child's playthings. But it's easy to get caught up in them because we are just children.