27 October 2008

The Happening

I just watched a film called "The Happening" by M. Night Shyamalan. Let me tell you. That film was a mindtrip. For those who haven't seen it, Neurotransmitters in victims' bodies were blocked by a mysterious toxin causing humans to lose their sense of survival and kill themselves. Thus the toxin disorients people, makes them lose their minds. What it does to them psychologically, the audience never knows, but it's enough to make them not value their lives. Some people effortlessly walk off buildings. Others, walk into cars. Others brake their head crashing it into things.

At first, the news spread that terrorists had released the deadly toxin. Then it is theorized that the plants had been soaking up all the deadly toxins from pollution and were now releasing it back. Plants can adapt to threats quickly in nature by releasing chemicals. Since humans are obviously a threat to nature, plants naturally developed a chemical defense against humans. Others theorized that the plant toxin would affect those that had "bad energy." All of these are theories.

At the film's beginning, they tell us that some things happen in nature that are unexplainable, examples being the disappearance of honey bees. There's lots of theories, but zero facts about it. It is stated that man will formulate a reason for the books, implying that we don't always know the absolute facts and instead take comfort in theories. Wouldn't you say that this is true in real life? My theory here is that plants have developed a toxin designed to rid them of a threat...in this case, humans. We should be more respectful to the Earth. God gave us dominion over it. He didn't say to destroy it.

The movie is about what is unexplained and how the unknown causes fear and panic. It's also a journey of a troubled couple coming to realize how much they really do mean to one another. This film put a little panic in my own chest. I started thinking about the unknown. I started thinking about how we should value this life, because you never know when it is gone. We take things for granted. Sometimes we destroy things because they get in our way.

We also take loved ones for granted. Throughout the movie it is established that the main characters (husband and wife) were fighting. But the film shows the frovolity of their situation when you were opened to the greater scheme of things.

I think about that a lot. Little things that bug me. They are so trivial. I have to constantly remember the greater picture. If I don't remind myself of my eternal goal, I get caught up in things far too easily.

In a way, this movie is symbolic to me. There are those that become disoriented from "worldly toxins." They lose their path. They lose their sense of purpose. They cause for themselves spiritual death. How do we know we are causing spiritual death for ourselves? Does it just sneak up on us? It is like a poison. Little by little you die a spiritual death. Those who recognize it in time, can free themselves from the poison. Others...well it may be too late. Thankfully, if we can learn to rely on Christ, we can free ourselves from the worldly toxins and heal and become spiritually healthy again. Isn't it amazing that we can be healed!!!!


  1. What a beautiful insight, Ness!! Can't wait to see you!!

  2. Such a great explanation. You have a gift with words.

  3. Such a great explanation. You have a gift with words.