01 November 2008

Memoir 1: The Beginning of our Eternity. How Ramsey and Vanessa met

It was the summer of 2004. A hot July month brought many activities to those lively freshman at Brigham Young University. Although many young freshman were seeking the new experience that college dating would bring them, I was happy being a hermit, escaping to the dorm basement to practice Chopin Nocturnes in a secluded piano room.

One particular night, I got a knock on the door from a freshman named Jamie. Jamie was a blonde, bright teethed, good looking sister to my brother's roommate. The knock was urgent. I answered hesitantly. To my surprise Jamie wanted me to go with her to a BYU dance. I wasn't too keen on the idea, but my mother would be happy I was sure. My mother always wanted me to have the “freshman experience.” So I agreed to attend with Jamie.

When we arrived at the dance, I found out that the dance was held by the Black Student Union (BSU) of BYU. I instantly felt comfortable, because dancing to hip hop was always easy and fun for me. I turned to Jamie and noticed she wasn't there beside me. I saw her across the room, swarmed by approximately 11 good looking guys. Feeling ditched, I stood by the wall, occasionally pulling out my cellphone to look busy.

I looked up. Across the room was the most strange looking guy I had seen at BYU. He didn't have blonde hair, he didn't have blue eyes, and he didn't have a BYU t-shirt on. There he was-shaved head, brick-red pants, and the most gorgeous face. His deep brown eyes and chiseled jaw were so attractive that I had to gawk at such masculine figure. He was standing like a roman statue of beauty, completely unlike the average guy at BYU. Of course I took notice that there was nobody around him. No girl at his arm. Just him-a lovely wall flower. I had an overwhelming feeling that if I just ignored him, I would never see him again. Something pushed me to talk to him. I didn't know what to do. Thankfully I noticed my purse next to his feet. I don't remember it jumping over there, but now I had an excuse. So, I naturally went and pulled something out of my purse. That seemed natural enough. Then with unusual courage I walked toward to him. I opened my mouth and said, “Can I ask you a question?”

Looking shocked, he answered with a strange, foreign accent, “Sure” (Which sounded to me “Shuare”). I continued, “What's your name?” A big grin appeared on his face. “Ramsey.” The music was too loud. “What?” He raised his voice. “Ramsey!” I could not understand his name. His accent was too thick. It sounded like “Romsey.” And yet I was intrigued. It wasn't everyday that I met a strangely handsome man with a foreign accent and a strange name. I asked him if he would like to dance with me.

On the dance floor, he started dancing very strange! He was performing some weird modern dance. While I was shaking to hip hop music, he was doing weird aerial flips, and snapping his fingers while moving his head. Embarrassed, I decided to grab his hand and take him out to the corridor. I told him I wanted to talk and get to know him better. I have no idea what we said to each other, but before I had the chance to talk his head off, Jamie rushed me and explained that she and the flock of guys were going to the canyon and that if I wanted a ride home, I had to go that instant. Scared I would never see this mysterious Ramsey again, I did one of the most bold acts of my life: I asked for his phone number. Shocked but willing, he gave it to me. That was the beginning of our eternity.


  1. I've never heard this part of your pursuit of Ramsey. Such a sweet story. Bold, fearless Ness!!

  2. I can't wait for the next installment :)

  3. Love it!! I'm dying to talk to you, but lost your number. I want to hang out. When are you free? I should be here 'till the 14th. Call me!!

    PS I brought my recommend this time

  4. I love your story. That's so beautiful. I felt like I was reading an entertaining and romantic novel.