06 November 2008

5 Tips to Go Green this Thanksgiving

I got this email today from the National Wildlife Federation. I think everyone should read it. =)

5 Tips to Go Green this Thanksgiving

This holiday, make a point to conserve energy and be a

Good Neighbor to our planet!

  1. Take one car to grandma’s. Carpool with family members rather than driving to your destination alone. It’s a great way to spend more time with loved ones, save gas, and help the environment!
  2. Use reusable dishware. Disposable dishware may sound tempting when planning a large meal, but it all ends up in a landfill. If you prefer disposable dishes, use bio-degradable ones.
  3. Turn the thermostat down. With all the body heat being generated by guests and appliances in the kitchen, your home will be much warmer than usual.
  4. Compost the waste from your Thanksgiving feast. Compost your organic matter and you’ll help reduce the 5 million additional tons of trash generated between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.
  5. Shop local and organic for your meal. The carbon footprint of locally grown food is much smaller because it didn't have to travel around the country or world to get to your dinner table.


David Strauss,
Vice President, Membership

P.S. Be sure to pass this message along to your friends and family so they can become Good Neighbors, too!

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  1. Hey Vanessa,
    Re the Chatty Cathy...my kids don't like those dolls either, all because of Talking Tina and Twilight Zone which came out a few years after the doll came out. Rod Serling did a mind trip on many little children at the time. And then Chucky rolled around. The scariest TZ to me was the one where the little girl fell into the wall and went into the 4th dimension. That gave me nightmares for weeks.