16 November 2008

New Eyes

So yesterday I went into my appointment about 4:30. They said it would take 3 hours before my surgery, but I think they just say that in case they're running behind schedule. Because I think my actual procedure happened around 6. Can't remember. I had a lot of support. I had a total of 6 friends and family. I think the receptionist was kind of shocked. Most people just bring one person to drive them home. But anyway, I saw a couple people come out of the surgery all drugged up and looking pretty much like zombies. I was actually kind of excited to be a zombie for the day. WELL FOLKS! THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Because valium does not work on VANESSA. NOPE. WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN! (I found out later it doesn't work with my mom either...must be genetic) But anyway, Vanessa had an emotional breakdown. I'm sorry for anyone who had to see it. Really, it was a pitiful sight.

It's better if the doctor would just say that the whole procedure would be excruciatingly painful and then afterward I would think, it wasn't all that bad! But instead they tell me that it doesn't hurt at all-just mild discomfort. Mild discomfort my a**! Honestly, it felt like my eyeball was getting suctioned out of my eye socket...I wouldn't consider that mild discomfort! The actual laser part didn't hurt at all. Except the disturbing fact that I could smell the smoke of my tissue being burned to a crisp. The only part that hurt was the stupid suction they stuck on my eye. I don't mean to be a baby, because the whole procedure only lasted a couple minutes but honestly I think it was more that I was in complete shock that it hurt so bad! And it isn't like it was just the doctors who said it wouldn't hurt. Lots of people who had it done said it didn't hurt. I must admit I don't have the best pain tolerance. I have been known to freak out over a papercut and that's also why I'm kind of postponing childbirth, but still, I don't think I'm THAT weak.

Well, afterward, my eyes were swollen and I couldn't really open my eyes too well, but I was sent home with some anti-inflammatory drops and a prescription for some anti-biotic. Ramsey went to Walmart to fill my prescription ($75 freakin' bucks!) When I got home I just curled up in my bed and closed my eyes. I just listened to Breaking Dawn on my ipod. (P.S. I'm not REALLY into the Twilight series...it's more like a love/hate relationship). Pretty much for the rest of the night, it felt like a really bad contact day. You know when that contact lodges itself in some ridiculous part of your eye, and you can't find it. Yeah that. But the doctor said I would feel "mild discomfort" right after the surgery and so I dealt with it. Well I finally fell asleep and I slept a lot!

The next morning, I woke up. I could see my alarm clock and I could read the time! I didn't feel any pain in my eyes. Miraculous. I didn't even feel like I had surgery except that everything is still a tid bit hazy. The doctor said that should go away pretty soon. My prescrition will get better and better every day and probably within a couple of weeks I will see 20/15. That's much better than 20/400! Perhaps it was all worth it afterall. For a week I have to use omnipred (anti-inflammatory) and Vigamox (anti-biotic) 4 times a day.

Today I had my post-op to see if everything is fine. The doctor said everything was pretty good I just had several broken capillaries from the suction part. He said 1 out of 5 people feel intense pain from the suction. Thanks for the warning! But all in all, I'm feeling like on a high. I can see!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a video for your viewing pleasure. My brother Kevin was filming and I think the camera was too full, so the video cut off, but you can see the beginning of the laser. I guess it's good I spared you all of more. So here's your little sampling:


  1. greetings from chicago. Taking a breather in a hotel lobby. Sorry to hear your suction was so painful. Not cool. But I bet it's so nice to be eyewear free. Enjoy it!

  2. Vanessa, so glad you survived for all the great benefits that it will bring you. Can't bear to watch the video but I'm really happy you were able to have this done. It must give you a great sense of freedom.

  3. Okay that video is like a horror movie and bad arm film all mixed into one.

  4. Gruesome! GHlad its over and I hope you love those no-glasses newly fantastic eyes!

  5. Hi love,

    I've been enjoying Carla Bruny. Thanks for the disc. So excited you can see!! Miss you xoxo