21 November 2008

One of my new favorite sites:

This site answers questions I've always wanted to know but never thought to ask. These are the kinds of things I read when blow-drying my hair in the morning.

The last two I've looked at:

Why do we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway?
Why are the bees disappearing?


  1. Re the Bees:
    All this time I thought it was a global campaign orchestrated by Chelsea when she was 8 years old to wipe out all bees. I'll Bee sure to tell her that she didn't succeed.

  2. Cecil Adams!!!! This all-knowing-all-wise character begin his public career in the early '70s in Chicago. His column "The Straight Dope" appeared daily for us hippies to read in the free weekly, "The [Chicago] Reader."

    Good to see he lives on, dispensing his omniscient nuggets of all-truth.