25 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Zhang Lu gave me these cute doggy outfits she bought from China.

Tonight I went to the Chinese New Year Celebration Cultural Performance in Salt Lake City. There were many performances featuring traditional Chinese dances and traditional Chinese music played on Chinese instruments like the Erhu and the Pipa. It was a really fun program-they even had a Chinese acrobat who is a Chinese Gold Medalist. Most of all, I loved all the bright, sparkly costumes the performers wore.
It was definitly a treat!


  1. I liked the Erhu stuff the best... well besides the shoe juggler who was crazy amazing.

  2. Err I mean foot juggler.. not to imply she was juggling shoes :)

  3. Love their outfits. So cool that you do such cultural things. Wish I was there to do stuff with you! Oh, and I finally watched all of "Inheritance" (Took about 10 sessions, with kids interrupting). Very fascinating! Also started reading F. Enzio Buche' bio. Crazy that so many Germans had no idea of the atrocities being performed on the Jews.

  4. They are so cute! I think Sophie's outfit is my favorite.