22 February 2009

Jeremy Gets Lasik!

My brother Jeremy just got Lasik done on Thursday. He went to the same ophthalmologist that I went to. And he got the same great price after he asked for the same price they gave me. Ramsey filmed the right eye and I filmed the left. ENJOY.

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  1. I forced myself to watch this whole video even though it made me squirm .. a lot. I was aware of everything they were doing. I remember them removing the flap and then smoothing it back on. I kept thinking: thank God I can't feel this!

    To anyone curious: the laser stopped on my right eye because I apparently looked down. It tracks every movement of your eye and won't cut unless you're in the correct position.

    Thanks for posting this, Ness. Also thanks for convincing me to do it and all your support. I'm following your checklist faithfully :) Loves!