12 February 2009

PARTAY January 31st

Here are some pictures from my party on January 31st. UFC 94! Georges St. Pierre won BJ Penn. (Did he even put up a fight?) P.S. I like pictures of food.

The guests
The snack table

Ramsey made his Black Bean Dip (Black beans, Jalepenos peppers, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, diced onions, salt & sugar)
Becca made a delicious dessert

Ramsey made "7-Layer Dip"
I made sushi (California Rolls)

Chips and dip (Pico de gallo)


  1. that food looks amazing... how sad that I missed it =( someday I will have to arrange a circumstance under which I can taste your homemade sushi!

  2. I'm sorry we didn't make it. Looks like we missed some fun stuff.

  3. MMM,I want your Ca rolls! We just discovered an AMAZING and cheap Japanese place accross the street. Wish you were here so I could take you to it!!