21 February 2009

San Francisco

Two weeks ago, I went with my two brothers to Vallejo, California to see Kevin's girlfriend get baptized. She lives really close to San Francisco, so for a couple of hours we saw "The City"

Of course, I wanted to go to China Town really bad because I haven't been before. I was excited to use my Chinese. Turns out only a small amount of people understood me because most people only spoke Cantonese not Mandarin.

Traditional Chinese medicine!

We also saw the Japanese Tea Gardens at the Golden Gate Park

Kevin and Trinh under the overpass. Amazingly cute


  1. those gardens are absolutely stunning... thanks for sharing the photographs!

  2. Great pics! I'm hoping to do something with the videos I took eventually :)

  3. *sigh* I heart SF! Looks like good times!!!

  4. Hey Vanessa,
    Thanks for stopping by the folks w/ Jeremy and Kevin. I really enjoyed the video your dad emailed. Even if Mom doesn't remember, it meant a lot to her when you were there and is a bright spot for another memory later to be recalled. You all looked very cute and sweet.