17 March 2009

Shizhang turns 23

Zhu ni shengri kuai le! My friend Shizhang turned 23 on Tuesday. He came over on Sunday and Ramsey made homemade pizza for him which turned out sooo delicious. I baked him a chocolate cake. (Devil's food cake.) We played a board game. Shizhang did really good considering it was Trivial Pursuit!

He loves sophie. He misses his dog Lily back in Shanghai.

Making a wish. (No more breaking feet?)

Yay! It's official!

He got the fingers wrong. hehe. 23! Not 32! (What is Ramsey doing with his fingers??)


  1. That's so awesome that you can sing in Chinese!! And I love that I now have an audio, so I can practice for future b-days of my Chinese neighbors!!
    PS I miss Ramsey's pizza

  2. It is one of the happiest birthday I have ever had in my life. Thank you so much my friends!