09 March 2009

A Tribute to My Sister on Her Birthday

Ok so technically it isn't her birthday and it was actually yesterday, but yesterday I went work at 8-2, got my hair done at 2-5, Picked up my Chinese friend and hung out with him til 12 am, mostly that was spent helping him go to the Chinese market (he broke his ankle), him cooking me dumplings, and Ramsey kicking his butt at video games. But anyway, one day late is no problem!!!

My sister is one of the most selfless people I know. She will bend over backwards to help someone. This has actually been a problem in the past. I've learned that she had been working on how to say "no" to people. She is so sweet that she can get her feelings hurt very easily-that is what I love about her. She is so tender. She kind of reminds me of a precious soul just released into the world. But in a sense, she is also very strong. She stands firmly in her beliefs. Even when all her old friends were attacking her for her stance on marriage between a man and wife, she stood strong and did not crumple.

Years ago, she was a missionary for our church. That is incredible! When I was younger, I always wanted to go on a mission, but frankly I was scared to death. Thankfully I got married young so I didn't have to make that decision. But it seems to me that Valerie was always excited to go on a mission and share her knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although I was young, I knew that people would have a hard time resisting her sweet spirit.

I remember one time, I think I was 8, I bought my sister some earrings. I spent a long time trying to figure out which ones she'd like best. I knew she liked silver over gold, and I knew she liked BIG earrings. Well, after much searching, I bought her these earrings and when I gave them to her, she didn't just say thank you. She told me how much she loved them and how much it meant to her, and she wore them all the time. You can imagine how good that felt to an 8 year old who looks up to her sister. And one time I found this rabbit stuffed animal at the hospital gift shop and I remembered she liked bunnies (Her favorite animal) and so I sent it to her on her mission and she told me she slept with it every night. I was thrilled to be acknowledged and appreciated.

My sister prayed me into the world. That's what she tells me often. Every birthday she would would blow out her candles and wish for a little sister- I'm sure every wishbone too! My sister was the oldest of us 5 children, and so she was always such a beacon to me of what I should do with my life. When she got good grades, I wanted good grades. When she played flute, I wanted to play flute. The thought of playing duets with her and spending quality time with her was exciting to me. (Granted, I sucked at playing the flute and even when I did get good it didn't last long, because I forgot some of the notes. She is an amazing flutist.) She got a 100% on her road test, and that blew my mind. She won awards in school, was in drama, got the Gold Award in Girl Scouts. She was always a strong leader for the other children. I know she felt a lot of pressure to be the best for us, and I can't not help but thank her for her example.

Some might say this is because we're almost 10 years apart, but my sister has never said one unkind thing about me to other people or to me. Even little words like "You're being stupid" I've never heard directed toward me. She has 2 beautiful daughters and I'm sure they will grow up sweet because they have such a good mother!

Well, Valerie, I wish we could be closer. You live in San Diego and I live in Salt Lake City. But, I feel we can still keep in touch through blogging and since you've started your blog, I've had so much fun just learning about you and what you do for your family. I know that we have very different personalities and we are at different places in life, but know this: V + V= S.F.!

June 1991


  1. My Sweetness!!

    That brought tears to my eyes. I could die happy right now :)I love you soooo much and am so grateful for you!! Part of the reason I've been praying so hard for G to get a job in Utah, is so we can hang out and spend time together. I've had such wonderful visits with you when I've been in town, and love getting to know the amazing woman you've become. Even if we end up cross-country, we've got to continue to make time for each other. You're my dream come true, my lovely sister!! V+V= SF!!!!!!!

  2. Sisters are pretty special that's for sure, just ask Cheryl:)

  3. This even made my eyes tear up. You are beautiful sisters!