30 April 2009


My friend Layne wrote this note about me on her facebook. I'm so touched!

Layne Wilcox's Notes

A Tribute to Vanessa

Today at 3:08pm
Just a few reasons out of millions why I am so grateful for one of my best friends, V.

*She will force feed me eel so I can know how “good it tastes”
*Lets me force feed her spicy tuna roll that gave us both 3rd degree burns in our mouths
*Never takes any sass from waitresses, salespeople, and the like
*Will play tennis with me in the rain until we are dripping wet
*Loves my dog like her own
*Watches “America’s Most Wanted” religiously every Saturday night so that she can catch a fugitive someday


  1. That is so nice of her! How come you never did those things with me huh? :0)

  2. This is so sweet. What a great friend! Do you really watch America's Most Wanted that much? LOL. I hope the reward for the criminal you help the authorities catch is HUGE!!!