10 May 2009

Freaky awesome CRAB & Goodbye Shizhang!

Yesterday, Ramsey, Shizhang and I ate at CRAZY Buffet as a "going-away" party for Shizhang. (Note: The more craaaazy you say CrAzY Buffet, the more awesome and cRAZy it is.) Anyway, this has got to be one of my favorite places to eat. And you know why???? It's because of the snow crab. Snow crab is amazing. It's sweet and salty...but like the perfect combination of both. I love cracking the shells-that feeling of working for my food. It makes me feel primal and then I start acting primitive...my eyes get all craaaazy in the CRAzY Buffet. As soon as the next stock of crabs goes in that bin, I rush like mad. I want to be the first, so I can get claws. mmmm so full of meat delish.

The problem is everyone else has the same idea. They all rush to the bin at the same time. One time, I was the second person in line and didn't get any. Why? Because the man in front of me took the whole bin. (That was like 13 lbs of crab) Well the waiter felt sorry for me so the next bin he brought out, he went directly to me. And then I filled 2 heaping plates of crab. When I go to the cRAZY Buffet, I usually get about 5 plates of crab before I'm satisfied. (Just for a reference).
Note: When I was am with Zhang Lu, she shares my love for crab, we will crack and eat a way for hours. hehe .

The best part about the crab is that it is still steaming when it comes out. So the meat melts in your mouth. My eyes relax and I put my head back and make little sighs of genuine pleasure. (Ask Ramsey). Now, not every chinese buffet has amazing crab. Sometimes they overcook them and so they taste rubbery, but CRaZY Buffet always seems to do it just right. $12.99 per person sure beats the price of crab at Red Lobster especially when you can have all the crab you want! But along with crab, CrAzY buffet has tons of other Chinese food, and since it's in West Valley, they cater to the Mexican crowd and so there is a lot of Mexican food as well. Sushi, tons of fruits, various sweets and even some traditional American food can be found, so I suppose it's not fair to say that it's a Chinese food only buffet, but it is run by them.

Well, that was Shizhang's "going-away" party. He'll be in Shanghai 'til August 11th. We will miss you! Women xiang ni! Ching da dian hua gei wo.


  1. That sounds delish. You need to take me there.

  2. the Crazy Buffet sounds clazy! I'm surprised Bill hasn't mentioned it to me. I must tell him about it. He would be clazy not to go.-joyce

  3. Sounds yummy!!! I don't think I'm such a fan of crab (although I adore lobster). Maybe I'd feel differently after the crAZy buffet!! (It's fun just typing the word!)