22 July 2009

The Deweys are Moving??? Q & A

So I received our visas today so I suppose it's safe to finally make an annoucement.

Q & A

1)Where are the Deweys moving to?

A: Shanghai, China

2)When are the Deweys moving?

A: August 26th, 2009

3)Why are the Deweys moving to China?

A: To fulfill a 5yr dream of teaching English in China

4)How long will they be there?

A: We have a 10 month contract...if we like it, we'll stay longer.

5)Where will you be working at?

A: Shanghai Shifan University

6)Is the pay good?

A: Yes!

7)Where will you live?

A: The university is providing an apartment for us in downtown

8)What will you do with all your stuff?

A: Selling most of it and storing some.

9)What will you do with your pets?

A: We're in the process of finding homes for our 2 ferrets, 1 tortoise, and corgi. The weiner dog will hopefully come with us.

10)How did you get this job?

A: Our friend Chen Shizhang spent a lot of time and energy finding us this job and we're very grateful otherwise our dream wouldn't be realized.

11)How long have you known about moving?

A: Since April.

12)How can I contact you?

A: We will have internet in our apartment. Send an email.

13) Are you scared?

A: No. We're excited. I will also be updating this blog regularly for a change. Because our lives will be very interesting very soon!


  1. Can't even tell you how excited I am to hear about your life in Shanghai :)

  2. Very exciting. Jordan's brother, Cam (Archibald) and his wife, Char, live in Shanghai. Jordan is over there as I write this. Maybe you'll meet them-joyce woolf

  3. WOW! Ness!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!!! And so excited to read your bloggings for the next 10 months. Freaking COOL! That is going to be such an awesome experience! Congrats! We need to have a great big pre-China party!

  4. Cool! You guys are doing something most only dream of.