16 September 2009

Our Campus: Our jobs and office.

Ramsey and I have great jobs! We work as "foreign specialists" (yes, our actual job title) at Shanghai Shifan University in their Institute of Tourism.  One of the fabulous things about working here is that we have such a light schedule. We only work twice a week with few hours. We also get a lot of paid vacation, health benefits, & sick days. We are truly blessed to have got this job and I have to thank our friend Shizhang who was kind enough to take the time out of his busy schedule to make all of this happen. We've been fantasizing about teaching in China for 5 years now but in the back of our heads we thought "where do we start?" I knew we didn't want to do one of those programs that take a percentage of your earnings, but it's hard to find one on your own. Thankfully Shizhang connected us and now here we are!!!

This is a welcoming gift from the university department head. Coffee is useless because we don't drink it but the tang and holographic cup is pretty sweet.
Ramsey walking to our office.
We share our office with all of the foreign teachers. There are two Japanese teachers, one Korean teacher and two English teachers (us!)
We each get a desk. This one's mine.
This is the Korean teacher. She is super nice! She showed us around the cafeteria and even bought us lunch!
One of the Japanese teachers with the Korean teacher. They don't speak English so we get by communicating with pidgen Chinese.

This is a typical classroom just like the ones we teach in. We have powerpoint and microphones.