11 October 2009

Dinner Party...shall I say feast?!

Shizhang's parents were so sweet to invite Ramsey and me to their family gathering for the holiday. We had a feast! 5-6 course meal family style. I got to experience real traditional Shanghai food at a really nice restaurant. Some of the dishes were amazing and others well...let's not talk about the stinky tofu and how it reminds me of dog poopy. Everyone was super nice and I made another friend around my age. (Actually this time older-Kevin's age) Her name is Polly and she's Shizhang's cousin. She was able to translate everyone speaking Shanghainese because you know if I have a hard enough time with Mandarin don't get me started on Shanghainese.

Ramsey and me with Shizhang's parents and grandparents

My two favorite dishes.
Wo Wo Tou Pei Qiezi (Eggplant and meat 窝窝头配茄子)

andYouYu Shao Rou (Roasted meat & squid with tea tree mushrooms 鱿鱼烧肉 )

You can tell that I'm talking because everyone looks really bored-it takes me forever to say exactly what I want to say...er um er um.


  1. It is so nice to see all my family members!

  2. They are feeding you like your a Queen! I'm glad your having a great time out there!

  3. Those food photos are excellent. Want to put in mouth!