11 October 2009

Meet the Chens' Doggies

Shizhang's family has two cute dogs named Lily and Baobao. (Baobao means "baby" in Chinese). I go to Mrs.Chen's home every Monday and Thursday and get Chinese lessons. It's really good for me that she doesn't speak English because I think I would fall back on that a lot. So I am forced to explain everything in Chinese and I think it's helping my language skills a ton.

Sometimes my brain starts getting fried so it's nice to randomly pick up a soft dog and cuddle it to give my brain a little bit of a rest. Sometimes, I even have a dog on my lap during the lesson. Just the act of petting lessens the stress. Usually I'm really fresh at the start and then at about the end of the lesson, my mind just shuts off and my mind's eye blurs. Or sometimes I think Mrs.Chen just speaks faster at the end of the lesson. I can't tell which one applies.

Picking up Baobao. Super soft dog!

Lily is the nicest. She doesn't nibble on me and she's super calm.

She used to get upset when I picked her up but she's ok now. ;)

Ramsey likes this pic the best. He said it was funny that we both blinked.

She looks like a possessed demon dog in this pic. But nevertheless a loving demon dog.


  1. Vanessa! Typical you....you always have your eyes closed in pictures! haha

  2. So cute! Nice to see my fellow dog lover hass some furry friends in China too!