10 October 2009

Nanjing Road

So I got kicked off but I broke through the firewall again. This time I'm not going to be too cocky cuz I see how easily they catch on. They are very clever. Thank you Jeremy for posting my last post.

Well I made a new friend. Her name is Jenny and she is a sweetheart. I was introduced to her by Shizhang. Her dream is to go to grad school in Australia. She is having a difficult time passing the necessary tests. I noticed her problem is usually shyness. She doesn't respond to proctors very well even though she is very fluent with me. She just closes up and gives average answers. I gave her the advice to set herself apart-make up crazy stories. We practiced it and she improved a lot and she really engaged the listener. So I plan on tutoring her regularly for her next oral test she will take on the 31st.

During the holiday, Jenny, her brother Alex, Ramsey, and I went to the famous Nanjing road. Jenny took us to her favorite restaurant-a Sichuan restaurant called Hou Wei Xiang La Guan
It was awesome cuz it was kind of hidden on the 11th floor of a shopping mall-but really trendy. Jenny said mostly just the locals know about it so we we escaped from a lot of the tourists that were there for the holiday.

One funny thing that happened to me while walking down Nanjing road is that a Chinese couple visiting Shanghai (presumably from a small town) asked if they could take a picture with me. That was weird. I felt like a celebrity. I wonder if I am the first whitey they've touched.

While I was on Nanjing road I got some anti-itch mosquito balm from the pharmacy. The mosquitoes have been eating me alive! I need a net around my bed! Actually I just go to bed with socks on now. That seems to help. Hopefully none of these blood-sucking creatures carry any eastern diseases.
Ok picture time!

The famous Nanjing Road...it's not normally THIS crazy. It's the holiday.

Video from Nanjing Road

Eating at the Sichuan restaurant. We had catfish (nianyu). It was tasty!
And yes that's a ghostly orb hanging about my neck.

A view of Pudong from the road. The Bund was blocked off because of construction so we couldn't walk near the river. Sniff.

Battle wounds. Yes. They feasted happily.

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