13 October 2009


So because of a request from my brother Jeremy, I will tell you a little about my teaching.

So I work twice a week. The whole month of September I didn't work a lot because the freshman hadn't registered yet.

So my teaching schedule was: Wed and Fri 8:00am-9:20 am. I just taught Sophomores a culture class: "The Culture of English-speaking countries."
Now that I have freshman conversation classes starting since October. I teach Wed 8:00-9:20 & 9:30-10:50 am and Fri 8:00-9:20 & 9:30-10:50 am, break for lunch and then 1:30-2:50 PM.

So as you can see it's not too bad and I get my apt and utilities payed for and also a pretty good salary-so this is the first time I'm very happy with my earnings in comparison to how much work I put in.

I love using powerpoint with my presentations because I feel like they gain more from visuals and seeing the written word. Here are a list of topics I'm teaching about in my culture class this semester:

1 Introduction

2 Geography & Demographics of the U.S.A.

3 Food, Eating, Table Manners, Etiquette

4 Music, Dance, Performing Arts

5 Movies, Television, Cinematic Icons

6 The Counter Culture of the U.S.A. & the U.K.

7 Fashion, Folk dress, Shopping, Money, Economy

8 Literature, Folklore, Poetry, Theology

9 Holidays

10 Education, School culture

11 Art & Humanities

12 Animals, Plants, Pets, Geographic oddities unique to English speaking countries

13 Family, Dating, Relationships, Marriage, Divorce

14 Sports, Recreation, Games, Technology, Driving

15 Politics, Government, Leaders

16 U.S. History/WW2

17 Australia & New Zealand History

18 U.K., Republic of Ireland, Canada History

19 Other English-Speaking countries & territories Survey & History

20 Final Review

21 Final Exam

The music class was really fun because I played a lot of types from many different decades and they really liked The Temptations and Abba the most (esp "Dancing Queen"). We had a little dance party at the end of the lesson.

I've only had one class period for my Freshman Conversation so I can't say much about that now. But I can tell it will be fun. When I walked into the classroom for the first time, everyone gasped and one said, "You are soooo beaut-e-ful!" I can't exactly write out the way she said it. haha. I think they were so surprised I was young. I can imagine they were picturing someone a lot different looking being their English teacher.

Well, if you have any questions, by all means comment and I will update this post. I really don't know what else to say except I love my students and they are all very sweet!

I will now leave you with some excerpts of some of my students' writing:

Student #1: "I prefer America food to British food. One of the reasons is America food always made by cheese and I love cheese very much. Cheese can make fishes tasty and appetizing. My favorite food are pizza, pasta, and burges. The second reason is America food is easy to cook. If I want to make pasta, all I need is meat, noodles, and cheese, and then put them altogether to an oven."

Student #2:"I like American food better than food in British because I love doughnuts. Someone said if you love doughnuts, go to America. And America is doughnut's birthplace, also produce excellent doughnuts. I love doughnut not only its wonderful tasty and cute shape but also it's related to my sweet childhood. When I was young, about 10, every Friday night I had English class after school. You know, that was a disaster for a little kid. Nevertheless, my mum often bought me a doughnut as a prize. The taste I always keep in my memory. Although I had never eaten American doughnuts, I guess that it might be the most delectable dessert in the world. I am sure one day I'll enjoy its true delicious."

Student #3: "While in respect of American or British foods, I just have no idea. But I am a curious girl, I'd like to try something new, something that I've never even tasted before."


  1. Nice. Love your student's writing. How's teaching going for Ramsey? You guys have the same classes but at different times?

  2. I'm proud to be an American because I love hamburgers and cheese and donuts, too!

  3. I didn't know donuts were so delectable to the chinese.