02 November 2009

Halloween 2009

Ramsey and I got invited to a Halloween party hosted by the Archibalds from our branch. I was able to invite my two friends BingBing and Kerry. There were a lot of small children there so it wasn't the most exciting for us young childless adults, but the food was awesome. The best part was the After party. A couple of us watched UFC at the Smoots' apartment.

This is Kerry (left) and BingBing (right). I was introduced to them by Shizhang.

Kerry and BingBing. This is their first Halloween party.

Ramsey dressed up as a jiu-jitsu student and I dressed up as a traditional kungfu fighter.

Some funky pumpkins

The best part of the party was that there was a lot of good food. I had two bowls of chili with cheese and sourcream and crackers. I was so happy to fill my tummy with American food. =)

Ramsey had a lot of fun socializing with some of the guys in our branch. We three girls just kind of hung out at the table by ourselves. haha

Various fun snacks

This masterpiece is supposed to look like dirt with worms chillin' on top. The dirt is actually crushed up oreos and inside, you'll find cream. So it tasted like cookies and cream. The cream was dyed orange which was extra festive. BingBing loved this cake.

There were a variety of prizes for costumes. Ramsey won "Most Creative Costume" and we got two certificates to Baskin Robbins. There were Cowboys, Indians, National Geographic explorers, angels, witches etc. The Archibalds costume was very cute-They both wore shirts that said "Struck by Cupid" and their baby was cupid!


  1. Love your costumes!! The food looked so yummy!!

  2. Lookin real good, Vanessa. That walking is really paying off. Maybe I should try it sometime.