08 November 2009

New Callings

Ramsey and I got new callings in our branch. I am one of two YW advisors and Ramsey is Gospel Doctrine teacher. My job is to plan the YW activities with the other advisor named Jenessa. I am also expected to attend all YW and combined youth events. Here is my first youth event that I attended: a youth district dance.

By the time this picture was taken, a lot of kids went home. The dance was very long 7-11 PM. I had a lot of fun dancing with the girls in my branch. They all seemed surprised that I knew the words to their music. What can I say Driver's Ed will make you whiz in all the youngster music.


  1. I'm the MIA Maid advisor. But haven't been invited to any dances. I'd love to go dance with the youth. It's been too many years!!

  2. You know it's really weird here. The advisors don't teach the lesson but instead plan all the activities. But I do teach once a month to give the presidency a break. I was noticing though that there is a guest speaker once a month so they only teach twice a month so I'm now wondering if I would rather be in the presidency because their workload is light! haha