12 November 2009

Tianmu Lake

The faculty in our department went on a two-day trip to Jiangsu province. The first day we toured Tianmu Lake and the second day we went to the ancient city of Qiandeng. Blog entry about the second day soon to follow. We took a charter bus for 3 1/2 hours. Thankfully I was able to successfully sleep the whole time so I woke up and we were there. The best part of the trip is that it was free! We got a really nice hotel room and all our meals paid for along with all the excursion fees. The only thing we paid for was $4 to go jet skiing.

This is the boat we took to travel to the multiple islands of Tianmu Lake.

On the boat

This is a picture taken from one of the islands we explored.

Getting ready to jet ski.

This is one of the best parts of the trip!
That night we went to the Yushui Hot Spring. These hot springs were awesome. There were 30 pools in total. They are man-made so I'm not sure if they just get the water transported or what. But anyway, there are 30 different pools. They all have medical qualities: herbs, or some sort of soothing, replenishing purposes for your body. My favorite was the coconut milk pool, the lavender pool, and the rose pedal pool. I could stay in them for hours. The scent was just so relaxing. The picture you see above is the most crowded pool. (Most of them just had up to 5 people). The reason why this one's so crowded is because it's the "Kissing Fish" spa. Essentially it's full of tiny fish that suck the dead skin off of you!

Coming out of the Kissing Fish spa. At first it was kind of fun and it tickled but then after a while I felt kind of freaked out. Plus it was a lot cooler than the other pools to accommodate the fish. The other pools were nice and hot!

They had signs like this everywhere to guide you to all the different spas. The layout was very cool!-very earthy with lots of plants and canopies. It made me feel like I was in a rain forest!


  1. That is so awsome!!!! I loved the facted that you got to do all this stuff for free!!!! I loved all the different pools! Which one was your favorite? Least favorite? I'm jealous....your doing all kind of fun things! :)

  2. Pshhhh You know you would rather be driving around SLC with smelly people all day.

  3. How fun! I've always wanted to jet ski! The hot springs sound divine!!