05 November 2009

A Trip to Wuzhen 乌镇

Ramsey and I were invited along with the other foreign teachers in the department to go on a little day excursion to the small water village called Wuzhen. It has be preserved by the government to retain its ancient architecture and has since turned into a tourist spot. If you want to feel like you're part of ancient China or simply want to feel like you're in a kungfu movie, you must visit this village! It's so beautiful and peaceful. I felt like I didn't have a care in the world. I would love to just sit on one of those boats and write Chinese poetry all day. =)

This is a view from the top of one of the bridges. Interestingly enough, I became another tourist attraction and several people took pictures with me on this bridge.

There are a lot of small alleys like this everywhere in this village.

They always know how to feed us! Here we're eating a multiple course meal-all very tasty! From left to right (Japanese teacher, Korean teacher, Jane (Ms. Zhang's Assistant), 2 Scottish visiting professors, Ramsey and me (The only English teachers), and Ms. Zhang (Head of foreign department).

This is where we stopped to drink tea. Well you know Ramsey and I had juice!

Bora (The Korean teacher) and me

You can take a boat ride for less than a buck and go down these waterways.

These are the men that take you down the waterway.

This is a temple. I wish we could go to the top but the building isn't structurally sound to handle tourists.

A lot of cafes like this one can be found everywhere. Sigh! It was perfect weather. The sun was shining and it wasn't hot. I wish I could visit this village every weekend but alas it's 2 1/2 hours away from Shanghai. I'm so in love with this place. If you want to see a lot more pictures visit my photo album titled "Wuzhen" on my facebook-there's tons more!


  1. Beautiful! Wish i could've been a fly on the wall!!

  2. This is incredible! I am so jealous of your adventures--but so grateful that you share them with us! By the way, you look incredibly stunning in the photo of you in the alley way.