29 January 2010

Karaoke Krazy

Man, I need to get better about updating you guys! For my 25th birthday party I invited about 20 friends to come karaoke with me. Thankfully 12 showed up (which was plenty!) and we had a great time! It cost me about $100 to rent the karaoke room for three hours and have a buffet for each of my guests. Lu took these pictures on her iPhone when most of the guests had already left. This is the after-party! I am bad about remembering to take pictures. Thanks Lu!

My friend BingBing and her boyfriend Charlie

Me and my Swedish friend from church, Katarina


  1. Joseph Dewey1/30/10, 2:52 AM

    That looks like you had such a fun party! I went to one of those karaoke rooms in Japan, they're so awesome.

  2. Fun, fun!! Have you bought tickets for the wedding yet? I need to start making plans, but I want to coordinate the days I'm there with the days you are. What is your time frame going to be?

  3. That looks like fun! When is the wedding going to be?