10 January 2010

My New Year's Resolutions 2010

1) Sleep more
2) Take better care of my skin
3) Chinese learning 2 hours a day
4) Make more of an effort to speak Chinese no matter how badly I mess up
5) Make more friends
6) Family prayer, FHE, and Scripture reading nightly
7) Welcome new members of the branch/find ways to make people feel welcome
8) Eat breakfast
9) Become a better listener
10) Look for ways to serve people


  1. That's an amazing list. Makes me want to try harder at my own resolutions. I love the boxing pictures too--you look so fit! I love reading about your life in China... but I miss you. Keep posting!

  2. You so need to do #8!!!! It makes SUCH a difference in your day! Same with #1, but you know I say "you can sleep when you're 90" so maybe sleep more needs to be my resolution too ;-)