23 February 2010


In Beijing, Jer and I saw all the typical tourist stuff: Forbidden City, Tianamen Square, Temple of Heaven etc. Of all the typical tourist things to do in Beijing, the best by far for me was walking on the Great Wall of China. Why? Because it's the freakin' Great Wall of China, people!

It’s an exhilarating feeling walking on the Great Wall. It’s one of those things you’ve always read about or heard about but to actually do it is surreal. To me, when I walked on the Great Wall, I didn’t think about history and its ancient relevancy, but rather I connected the experience with “officially experiencing China” If you’ve lived in China for years and haven’t been the Great Wall, I assume people would automatically say, “Then you haven’t really experienced China!” Well, I’m sure one could argue this and say if you haven’t been in the countryside and experienced the locals’ food and customs you’ve haven’t experienced China, but I think I would rather agree with the first one. China is the Great Wall of China or The Great Wall of China is the symbol of China. Now I just need to hold a panda.

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