10 February 2010

Yu Gardens

Yu Gardens is one of the biggest if not the biggest tourist spot in Shanghai. People always warn you about thieves and scams but really as long as you are a sensible person, I find the experience quite enjoyable. I love walking around the ancient architecture-just taking in the entire atmosphere. Sure you can get ripped off if you are unfamiliar with prices but there are plenty of stores that bargaining does not take place. There’s the “2 yuan” stores and the “10 yuan” stores. 6.8 yuan=1 US dollar. So, you imagine these places are quite fun to go to! I bought my nieces some mirrors and Chinese styles coin purses, jewelry, Chinese fans. You know, cheap stuff that kids love.

On this particular outing to Yu Yuan, Ramsey, Jer, Lu and I were persuaded by a man to go up to the rooftops and try real authentic Chinese tea. Well, when the man brought us up there, we then broke the news we don’t drink tea and probably a little disappointed; he left us alone to enjoy the beautiful view. You could see all of the many things/activities etc.. going on from below and what was fun was that we didn’t have to fight with crowds. It’s difficult to find this little rooftop and I’m glad we could experience it.

We went into the actual gardens and everything you could expect from a traditional Chinese garden greeted us-koi ponds, bamboo, Chinese architecture. It was a true delight.

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