03 March 2010


Sanya was our vacation from our vacation. We had been battling so much cold, it was time for a change in scenery. At first, we were thinking of going to Japan, but upon learning how expensive and cold it was there, we though Hainan was a better choice. Jeremy arranged our accommodations at this place called the “Red Roof Hotel” in Chinese. Interestingly in English it is translated to “Sunny Sanya Family Inn.” I kind of like the red roof name better and it indeed had a cute red roof.

I hadn’t just jumped in the waves for a very long time and we had fun. We also had fun choosing our meals from their many restaurants. Just walking around and enjoying the 80 degree weather made the whole experience worth it.

We got to see monkey island. There is this really cool gondola ride to get there.

I thought monkeys would be crawling all over us like it shows on their website and that we would be able to buy food and feed them. Unfortunately it was more like a “look, don’t touch” experience, but fun all the same. Watching monkeys ride bicycles and do headstands on goats in their acrobatic shows was pure guilty pleasure. Especially since they are beaten for their bad behavior right in front of the audience. But the moments they are not being beaten, those monkeys are sure cute and fun to watch with all their dazzling tricks! Here is the one picture a monkey touched me:

Wuzhizhou Island is a beautiful place with white sand and clear waters. I was terribly sick and threw up most of the time, but the moments I was not burying vomit in sand, I enjoyed laying in the cool water, eating up the sun rays, and collecting coral. My poor brother could have had such a better time if I wasn’t such a Debbie Downer from my sickness.

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