31 May 2010

More Poetry (Class 08053)

Lunch by Tifa Wu

Sesame balls
Floating in the boiling soup
Just like chubby children

Three for you and
Three for me
Six balls and six tastes

Half for you and
Half for me
Tongue greets lips and teeth
And we
Fill up on happiness

The Sun, The Moon and Stars By Sunny Zhao

I am a most special dust in the universe.
I live in this world
Where the sun is my parents-
The most important existence in my world
The moon is my love-
The most desired existence in my world.
The stars are my friends, relatives, rivals...
They are the ones I cannot ignore.
They add color to my life.

I float in this universe and pursue my life.
But no matter where my life points to
I won't forget you,
My sun, moon, and stars.

Goodbye to a Friend by Karen Liu

It rains
Every raindrop is a feeling
I remember that day we stood in the rain
The sky, the rain, two girls, and a tear.
We listen to the sound of distance
So quiet, so clear

It rains
Every raindrop is a moment missing
And we knew it was time
The face, the words, two girls, and the day
That hung on the scene
were taken away

It shines
A drop of sunshine in a dream
And I knew it would come
The sky, the sun, two girls, and a smile
Together again
So happy, so well

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  1. I really like the first one, especially the last 3 lines.