26 May 2010

Some Poetry from My Students (Class 08054 English Writing)

Star and Wish by Trista Chu

If stars know
they bear all the desires,

They will twinkle

If you see
the brightest star,

It is the wish
I make for you.

Puppy Love by Alexis Zhong

Sometimes I act like a spoiled child.
Sometimes I drive you crazy.
Sometimes I make an ass of myself.
But you want to change me.

You say you don't.
I say you do.

When we can't seem to makeup,
When we are at a standstill,
When we are about to breakup,
I look at you, you smile at me, and then,
We fall in love again.

Parting at the Station by Cindy Gong

When you hold my hands
Saying again and again "Take care my love"
Again and again "Goodbye my love"

When I get on the train
I can't help but cry out your name.
Your face blurred because my eyes blurred by tears.

Thousands of words welled up in my heart
When can it take me back to your side?

Wait For the Dream Blossom By Kathy Lu

Suddenly I begin to miss the blossoms-
Pink Sakura
Blue Gentian
Orchid Lavender

From near to far
They extend to the end of the sky

I am a child walking alone
Along this narrow road
Breathing the fragrance of flowers
Adoring the past covered by a shadow left behind.

Fireworks by Sonia Zhang

Beautiful fireworks from the dark sky
Spark, Spark
Disappear into the blue paradise
Your sparkling black eyes reflect
Twinkle, Twinkle
Leaves something in my heart.
Those beautiful fireworks
Bringing color to my life.

Love Will Go On by Emily Li

Love, you will be a star in my overhead.
If you die,
I will be a firefly
I will dimly fly

From night to midnight
From midnight to daybreak
Hoping to have a clear sky
When I can see the eternal and changeless star
That is you.

I hope to see you shine for me
Although stopped by day, stopped by sky
We love each other from eye to eye.

Defoliation by Irene Zhang (Poetry style: Cinquain)

Fallen, Faded
Bestrewn on ground
Then decayed and buried

Our Meeting by Caroline Xu

Dusk comes down noisily
Shining lanterns turn on
Among the vast human sea

What are you looking for
Under the neon sign?
You will find me-
A figure, slipped from your heart

I will not ask
You do not say
The evening breeze
Taking you away
from me into the crowd


  1. Not bad for non-native speakers! Much better than the other stuff they've written.

    You think any of them stole theirs off the internet?

  2. There is something magical about esl students and poetry. They are able to express their thoughts in ways that native speakers cannot. Sometimes if I force myself to think like an ESL student, I can come up with some really nice wording.