11 June 2010

Dear Mrs. Dewey,
Last week, I was frightened by the assignment. All I wanted to do was escape, so I just handed in someone else's poem and you gave me a "rewrite" as a punishment. Now, I realized that when you are frightened by work, you must march to it upright and conquer it. You can do it only when you give yourself a chance to face it.
The first time I met you and Mr. Dewey, I was deeply touched by the gaze between you two and I totally felt the love in the air. I hope it happens between my lover and me. So I write this poem to all of us. Hope you like it and forgive my faults.

No Words

Your gaze with deep emotion is my desire-
My desire of yearning is longer than the night.
What is the distance from eyes to heart?
I always ask you.

At what time,
Tacit agreement was in existence between you and me.
There is no need of many words,
After an emotious gaze.
All problems will vanish like smoke-
Only two leaping hearts remain.

Small as my heart,
It is enough to hold you.
Holding you-
I felt I have held the whole world,
And the whole world is full of happiness.


  1. Sounds like one of you better students. I'd thought this would interest you. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/07/rent-a-white-guy/8119

  2. Vanessa, I'm finally getting caught up on some blog reading. Your poetry students are amazing. Are they writing in English? Does everyone seem to be lyrical as in the culture or is it a poetry class? What a wonderful job you are doing over there.

  3. Well I have four writing classes with about 30-34 students in them each. There are a lot of terrible poems that I didn't include as well as many plagiarized poems (why so many from Langston Hughes?? He must be their hero). I pretty much just picked the best of the best. But yeah, before anyone gets any ideas that all my students are geniuses, just know this is a small percentage- reflecting my best students.

  4. HI Vanessa. This is Trinh. I finally got to read this. such a sweet student you have:)