11 June 2010

Poetry from Class 08051 & 08052

Starry Mood by Jade Yan

Floating in the sky
Clouds form in front of me
Your appearance in shape.
The wind with me
Carries you as if carrying the sun.
No matter where we are
It is sunny.
Butterflies, flowers
Lead you and me around nature.
Step by step, hand in hand
We look for the stars.
1 2 3 4
forms a line
Silently I make a wish
Hoping these stars could see or hear.
If they hear,
It must be realized.

Untitled by Annie Yuan

I dream of flying with you
Because in this lifetime
I know you'll be waiting for me
in the next lifetime

I dream of flying with you
With every bit of me
closer to you.
We land in the snow,
Writing our life, hand in hand,
Then flying away from this complex world.

Summer by Joyce Chen

Summer, the fabulous season, is the year's king.
Sunflowers kiss the faces of all that pass by.
In order to enjoy the scenery-
Pedestrians wear various sunglasses.
Girls put on their most colorful skirts.
Everyone falls in love with sandals.

On the sunny afternoon of July,
The cicadas are singing-
It becomes melody amongst the rustling leaves.
Young lovers meet in the sunshine,
Welcoming summer with open arms
While watermelons drive away my tiredness
And then my heart, with pleasure, fills.

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