22 July 2010

Chinese Class: Day 2, 3, 4

The Korean girls that sit in front of me.

I'm really enjoying my class. I figured out quite quickly that I'm the most advanced in my class after listening to the rest of the students answer questions. Also, the class is taught exclusively in Chinese and while some of these students have been learning Chinese at universities back in their home countries, I don't believe they've ever had a Chinese class taught exclusively in Chinese. Thanks to my friend Shizhang's mom, who tutored me completely in Chinese, I'm used to it and have caught on. I find myself translating for the rest of the class often. I'm kind of the "go to" person as well.

What is it like being on top? At first I didn't like it. I felt like I was at the right level and that the rest of the students shouldn't be in the advanced class. But I've gotten used to the idea and put up with their lack of vocabulary. While I have a very large vocabulary, I often lack the ability to be grammatically correct.

I decided that I needed to stop comparing myself to others. I am learning for myself. I will put up with their endless obvious questions and focus on what I'm learning in the class. Otherwise, I will drive myself insane.

I've been sitting in a new seat every day and meeting new people. Today, I met a Japanese student named Nanako and she is married as well. She is very beautiful, but I was getting kind of distracted by her fake eye lashes because the glue was coming off.

There is one man that is Japanese (I think about 50 years old). He doesn't like me very much and mutters to some of our classmates that I'm too advanced for the class and shouldn't be there, but the truth is the book is perfect for me. I am at the correct level. Everyone else is bumped up because they couldn't fill up my class and there were too many beginners in the other classes.

Here is a picture of some of my Korean classmates. They are so sweet and always want to take pictures with me.

We had culture class in the afternoon and learned some Taichi. Our instructor was so graceful. It will take me a long time before I can be like that!

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