14 July 2010

Eating at CHA

CHA is a trendy restaurant in the midst of XuJiaHui. There's usually an hour wait to get it. Charlie must like it. He got there early and got us a table and little by little we piled in. I was second (15 minutes late), then Alex (30 minutes late) and then BingBing (1 hour late). LOL. We are such classy people. Charlie and BingBing are dating. Charlie has been going to law school at the University of Pennsylvania and BingBing works for the Bank of Shanghai. Alex is my old driver's ed student and is visiting for a month (Shanghai is his hometown. He currently goes to the U of U). And Ramsey? Where is Ramsey??? He's in Singapore fighting people and some junk.

CHA had some amazing food. I couldn't get enough of the seafood curry. Definitely by far my favorite. Somehow Charlie knew I loved curry when I only told him once a long time ago. What a fabulous memory. We also ordered some Singapore noodles in honor of Ramsey being in Singapore and toasted for good luck on his fight.

Anyway, I have to say I love these people. They are so kind. Charlie paid for the whole dinner even after I refused his offer adamantly, he wouldn't let me pay. After dinner, BingBing got picked up by her dad on a motorcycle. Awesome. And Charlie, Alex, and I went to the metro. They are so kind. They accompanied me to my stop even though it was the opposite direction and then the metro ended up closing so they couldn't take it to get home. But they proceeded to walk me off the metro to my bus stop before they caught a cab. Chinese men are such gentlemen! They helped me down the stairs and opened all the doors for me and I asked them "Are all Chinese men like this?" And they said just the Shanghainese men. Shanghainese men get often a bad rap for being weak. I guess they cook and clean for their wives unlike a lot of Chinese men that expect it.

Yay for CHA! And yay for polite and charming Shanghainese men!

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