14 July 2010

English Blog

At the beginning of the year, I assigned my students to write in their blog in English twice a week. Here are some of their entries. Sometimes, they would write to me.

"You are a responsible teacher, I could say like this.

I still remember that day when you got to go, after you finished the morning class.

You didn’t go until you cleaned up the blackboard.

I never saw a teacher do like this in college."

"Do you know, Mrs. Dewey?

We all appreciate you and Mr. Dewey, ranging from our teachers to us.

Even though you two have married for several years,

you still looks like that you married just several days ago.

We always see you hand in hand, and go to classes,

and you are so suitable, both in the appearance and talent.

You are beautiful and he is handsome.

Also Mr. Dewey can sing well, speech well, box well, etc.

And you can play the piano.

I heard Mr. Dewey earned his college fees all by himself.

You are both so excellent.

And you two are responsible,

Especially you are.

It's hard to imagine you never studying in China before,

because your assignment is like our Chinese teacher assigned us.

"I really appreciate the video your brother made for you,

I think it will be a nice memory for you, and your brother.

Because of your video,

I suddenly have an idea of making one.

When I am free, I will walk here and there at school,

and make a video for my college life.

We will graduate from school one year later,

I'd like to memory something in my mind."

"Last night, when I was hanging around in my living community, suddenly a black cat leaped into my sight. Oh my Gosh! Such a “great” encounter, it scared me a little bit, my mind went into deep thought wondering whether it’s a bad or a good symptom. Owning to my English teacher told us in some countries it’s an unlucky sign, if you met a complete black cat, it will occur a lose-lose situation on you! While, my friend said to me that in France, it’s really super lucky circumstances.

So I try to persuade myself to be optimistic and think towards into the bright side as far as possible. Just in a second, a miracle appeared! I found 10 Yuan on the ground very just at my next step to my feet. At that moment, I drew a conclusion: I’m always very lucky! Anywhere, anytime!

Things seem a bit dramatic, when I woke up this morning, I found my gums swelling. I rushed into the bathroom and checked what’s up. Unexpectedly, there grew a tooth! It was really itch and painful… something comes to me: Mrs. Dewey taught us that in America, there exists a naughty tooth fairy, she likes to take one of a child’s teeth away in his or her dreams then gave some pocket money under their pillow. But weird that I got the money but I didn’t lose my teeth on the contrary, I got a new one!"


  1. Those are pretty hilarious. So, our tooth fairy is naughty, huh. How wicked, taking away those teeth. :)

  2. I love how they word things. "I'd like to memory something in my mind." Heheh.

    Also: finding 10 yuan is a MIRACLE. :)

  3. How, funny. I never thought of the tooth fairy as "naughty" before!