06 July 2010

Feng Shui

This is an explanation of Feng Shui by Cathy Xiaoxia Zhou

Feng Shui, literally meaning "wind and water," developed from very ancient times, is the study of the "built environment." It is primarily focused on the Qi (Cosmic energies) within a structure, as that is what has the most direct effect on the people. In another word, it is about aligning energies in living or working environment. The main points of concern is that the landscaping is beautiful and in balance with the rest of the environment. Feng Shui in the old days was known as "Kan Yu" (the observation of the forces between Heaven and Earth). Only towards the end of the Qing Dynasty did the term "Feng Shui" come to be used unanimously to represent "Kan Yu." Feng Shui today is seen in interior design and hour decorating, etc.

The foundation theory for Feng Shui is the five-element theory. They are:

These five elements interplay and form cyclical changes
Wood produces fire
Fire produces earth
Earth produces metal
Metal produces water
Water produces wood

They also generate destructive effects
Wood uproots earth
Earth blocks water
Water douses fire
Fire melts metal
Metal chops wood

Wood is green
Fire is red
Earth is yellow
Metal is white or gold
Water is blue or black

So the optimum combination of the five elements is of great importance.
The goal of Feng Shui is to create a comfortable and beautiful environment. And the key stress is to achieve balance.

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