08 July 2010

Karaoke Krazy 2.0

When I was a driver's ed teacher, I had a student named Alex. He is from Shanghai and studying at the U of U. Well, when he found out I was moving to Shanghai, we exchanged emails. He's back for a month and contacted me. How fun, huh!

I invited my bestest friend in Shanghai, Jenny, and she invited a guy friend of hers. Alex brought his cousin and I brought Ramsey of course!!!

I actually sang a lot this time, including the spice girls. (Did I just say that????)

One of my favorite girls, Jenny!

Alex and me

Alex and his cousin

Mr. Dewey singing Bob Dylan?? Or the Beatles, can't remember.

The cutest girl and the cutest guy

Jenny and her guy friend. His English name was Zero. lol.

Alex and his cousin

Afterward, Jenny and Zero left and the rest of us went to eat at a Hong Kong food style restaurant. (Ramsey is taking the picture). It totally looks like I'm on a date with another man because Ramsey is missing and I'm blocking Alex's cousin. LOL.


  1. Very cool, this looks like so much fun. I wanna karaoke with you when I finally come visit.

  2. "Tell Me What you Want, What you Really, Really, Want...."