15 July 2010

The Shanghai Library

The Shanghai Library has a foreign book section so I was excited to check it out. Then I got there and realized the section was crap! All the books had a yellow tint to it and were like from the 70s. There was an English section and then a bunch of other language sections. Man, the German section rocks. They have so many new, good-smelling, clean books and their section is huge! Even the Russian section is better than the English section. There was an Australian section which I thought was weird because the last time I checked, they also spoke English, but then I opened up a children's book and it wasn't any English I was familiar with. The story of Cinder-Ella as they call her has so much Australian slang that I couldn't catch up.

After leaving the foreign section, I explored the rest of the library, and it was really quite beautiful. So many floors and so many books! There is an ancient books section that was quite marvelous. I just loved looking at all the old calligraphy.

After the library, I went to Yu Gardens. (Even though I've been there a lot). I just love finding street food and enjoy window shopping. I picked up two silver necklaces with a little mouse charm that has little rhinestones on it-one for me and one for my friend Lu because we're both the year of the mouse.

Dropped by Carrefour on the way home and picked up some chocolate pudding for Ramsey for when he gets home. My friend Carl told me that they sell them really cheap there and that Ramsey would love the surprise. Can't say it was my idea. But at least I stocked the fridge. ;)

Got home and walked Sophie with my neighbor who has an big white fluffy dog (Alaskan?) named Snow White. It was a good day.

The Shanghai Library

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