01 July 2010

YW Activity: Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

For a young women's activity, we went to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. There were only three girls because most of the young women left for the summer. There were a lot of cool parts. Each part of the museum is divided into different parts of science i.e. animal life, the human body, light, ecosystems, robots, etc.. It was very hands on. I think the girls had a lot of fun.

This big guy was hanging from the ceiling....Robot spider! Why did all the insects have to wiggle??? Gross!!

Poor fish....

This was a weird one. We went in these little fruit cars and explored the process of digestion. Along the way, parts of the body would talk to us and explain the process and after being chewed up, we got digested and pooped out at the end while hearing the lovely sounds of farting noises. Bizarre.

The ride was in 3D

Be afraid...be very afraid....
Entering the oral cavity...
Being chewed...
Why is the uvula talking to us? lol.
I took a picture of a picture...

Bunch of magnetism, optical illusions, electricity demonstrations etc...
Cool fountain....how does it work????
Making a music video and getting really into it....


  1. I want to go on the digestion ride! Those photos were hilarious. The whole museum looks most excellent.

    By the way, the "floating" water spout works because there's a pole hidden within the stream of water. You can't see it, but it's holding everything up.

  2. What a fun YW activity! Shades of Mr. Beeken, our summer Joy School field trips before you were born, and my monthly field trips for 3 years as a cub scout den leader. So fun!

  3. That last comment was from me. (Mom!)

  4. That last comment was from me (Mom!)