17 August 2010

Dino Beach

Today I woke up. My body sore.

Why do my butt cheeks hurt? Oh yeah, I was trying to stay balanced on that crocodile.
Actually first, the crocodile, then the giant worm that spins, and then a couple of hippos.

Before, I give you any more details of my extensive injuries, let me begin the story.

Alex, his friend Tracy (he's a boy), my friend Jenny, and my friend Vish all went to a water park called Dino Beach or in Chinese "Redai Fengbao" (Tropical Storm). Both Vish and my husband had to work, so we just had that small group of 5.

We had a blast. The slides were pretty top notch. Although, because it was Chinese Valentine's Day, it was a little more crowded than usual. Thankfully, with 5 people, the conversation never turned dull. There was a lot of girl flirting-meaning me and Vish would splash each other and try to knock each other off rafts...(or maybe that we me just trying to do that to her).

My favorite was the wave pool. Because it was so crowded, when the waves came, it was one huge bumper car experience with tons of tubes capsizing. I of course, stuck to the side where the waves were the biggest, and I went surfing for a long time flying over people's drowning heads, while screaming in terror/joy. The lifeguards always freaked out a bit when they saw me coming because I knew how to hit the wave just right to fly over everyone. I flipped about twice in the process and took a while to find the surface again, but strong enough to push rafts off my head. (I have been lifting weights after all.)

One experience I enjoyed was the camaraderie. At times, my intertube would get separated from the group, but there was never a chance to get bored. People I had never met would grab my tube and include me in their "tube chain" for extra bumping fun. So many smiles, so many laughs. I don't think this would happen in America. I think we are a lot more reserved. I would definitely not have grabbed someone else's raft and start leading them into the biggest waves. Perhaps there were many Chinese people who wanted to see the foreigner "survive" the wave, or I like my other idea--that people are just extra friendly here. At one point a Chinese guy, who looked like he had a girlfriend on the tube with him grabbed my hand and held onto it for the duration of the wave. I thought it was weird and rather than breaking free, I let him hold my hand to see where this was going, and I thought the girlfriend would for sure not like her boyfriend holding some foreign girl's hand but as soon as a wave crashed our grip, the girlfriend grabbed my other hand and I was relieved to find it was all platonic gestures.

So while the slides were all about seconds in duration, the most fun is when we would go into the children's water playgrounds and explore. There were many parts where you could sneakily stand near a bucket, fill it with water and then splash all unsuspecting passerby. Don't ask me why this was so amusing, but I just reveled in it so much especially when they would look up and see a foreigner responsible for the act, and their look of shock turned into a smile. It was like one big treehouse full of dirty tricks on people.

And then there were the floating animals that were usually impossible to stay on. You know those floating things made out of hard foam that are kept afloat with a rope tied underneath. People often step on them and use rope to get across. Well, these animals were like the same concept. Imagine a mechanical rodeo bull...yeah it was kind of like that. The best part is when everyone around you started knocking the animals to buck you off. I was really good at staying on because of my really long legs that could balance me easier and the extra ab core strength I've been gaining for the last few months. Sometimes I would get cocky and even motion swinging a fake rope above my head like a cowboy, and you can imagine that got everyone even more excited to try to knock the foreigner off. Why I played on these floatable animals for about 45 minutes I have no idea.

Ok, my injuries.... So this very cute Chinese girl probably in her early 20s, I think became a little taken with me, because she followed me around wherever I went and well lets just say she was a little crazy. Knocking people off the animals before anyone really had a chance to get on and also pulling people and well just being all around aggressive. At one point she dived right into my face, and her head hit me in the eyebrow area, and I got a nice purple bruise from her antics. And then of course my butt can hardly move right now from everyone's attempts to knock me off those floating animals.

That was my Monday. How was yours?

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  1. Pretty calm, compared to yours. How fun!