11 August 2010

Donghua University Outing: Duo Lun Culture Street

This was the meeting place for many of the great thinkers and artists of the 1930s which embodies the cultural atmosphere in shanghai of that time.

My friend Vish

The road is paved with pebbles. along the road, there are western-style buildings freshly painted with their doors opened for visitors,many of these shops have beautiful displays of calligraphy, paintings, antiques and mahogany furniture for sale. The street is hard to identify on the map but it once had a great influence on the history of chinese culture. Many famous cultural figures who shone through history, like luxun, quqiubai, guomoruo and maodun once assembled here and fought here. Places like league of leftist writers, Zhonghua Arts University, Shanghai Arts Theater and Gongfei Café were their battle fields. For more than a century, Duolun street and several streets nearby represent the historical cultural growth centre of shanghai. The Zhian arch and Yongan lane are in the 1930s style.
A very asian-y looking Catholic church

Some modern art. Those are eggs in front of them.

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