19 August 2010


Ramsey has been gone for two days. I miss him so much. He's in Jiangsu province training the anti-terrorist unit of the Chinese police force how to kick ass including how to do a proper guillotine choke (that Jack Bauer does wrong every time in "24").

Why does Ramsey have such an exciting life since he moved to China? He's been traveling all over and fighting just like an old school street fighter game character. He now works at two different gyms, is recording his voice for English learning books, and taking tons of personal training clients. And in the fall, he'll start teaching at the university again. He is one busy man, and I hardly see him much anymore.

Now our anniversary is coming up this Friday. The big "5". I think this is pretty awesome. A big accomplishment. I'm glad we lasted so far. lol. Hey, a lot of people don't.

I want to take the opportunity to express my love for my dear husband Ramsey.

You are one of the most talented people I know. You have so many talents, I have an inferiority complex around you. (jk). But really, you are amazing. While some men sit in front of the tv watching football and drinking beer, you make something with your life. You are always pushing yourself to be a better and more talented person. You are such a great teacher. You have been teaching everyone your talents instead of keeping them to yourself.

Ramsey, you are so sweet. When I'm really tired and can't move my tired body, you'll move your even more tired body to take the dog out to pee. Yes, that's one example, but it means a lot to me. You are constantly worried about me. When we walk around the city a lot, you'll offer to take my bag because you know my shoulders hurt.

Ramsey, you are my best friend. I love that we can spend hours watching silly shows like Bully Beatdown and we enjoy it equally together. We enjoy spending time with each other, even the 1 & 1/2 hour epic journey to church every Sunday. We eat cookies on the metro and talk.

Ramsey, thank you for being sexy. You have never once let yourself "go." You've always had a six pack and a perfect manly physique ever since the day we met. I'm just barely figuring out that I need to return the favor. You have always been sweet about my chub, but I'm glad I finally have the opportunity to pay you back.
Ramsey, there's a reason that wherever we go, you keep getting called as gospel doctrine teacher. You know the gospel like the back of your hand. You're the only one I know who read the whole bible from start to finish at the age of 11. I know that if I have any questions relating to our church, I just need to ask you. It's such a great comfort to have such a great priesthood holder in my household that will take care of me and our future children.

Ramsey, I love your smile and I love your laugh. Everyday, I still can't believe how lucky I am to have you. I really need to work harder on showing you. Everyday, I fall in love with your face again. I fall in love with your caring spirit. I fall in love with your brilliant mind.

Happy 5th. And here's to many more good years to come!

That one girl that sleeps in your bed


  1. What a beautiful post!! I've been wondering how Ramsey is doing, and loved getting the update on his many activities. So glad you guys are having such a great time! Ramsey, I'm so grateful to you for taking such good care of my baby sister. So happy you have found each other and are so in love. Happy 5th anniversary!!

  2. Ramsey does look like he's in a Street Fighter video game in your first picture of him!

    Congrats on the big 5!

  3. Awwww. Such cute pics and a very sweet post! 5 years!!! Wow! So great Ness! Congrats to you and Ramsey!!!

  4. Seems like only yesterday. Happy Anniversary!