18 August 2010

This is an entry about meat

I have been checking the scale and I've remained consistently 123 lbs this whole week.
I don't know how I lost another 5 lbs in a month, but I'm trying to wrack my brain on it. Then I remembered-I've been kind of going vegetarian lately. Not that I want to be vegetarian (I can't give up chicken soup), but since I made friends with Vish (who eats Vegetarian due to her religion), I haven't been wanting to make her feel uncomfortable so I've been eating vegetarian with her every day at the cafeteria.

I don't think I'll be staying at 123 lbs for too long. For one, I'm on this huge crusade to become a body builder. (I just had to lose the fat first). No, I don't mean one of those nasty no-neck body builders, but you know, a moderate one that grace the covers of Shape magazine. I've realized that I've never had the body I always wanted and now is the time. I won't get another. I'm sure I'll start having kids in a year or two (or three!), and I need to get this dream realized before then.

However, Ramsey and I are soon to be hiring a cook we had recommended from a friend and if her dishes happen to be very delicious, my 123 lb frame body may be no longer.

Ramsey and my diet need different attention. Since Ramsey works out about 4 hours on any given day, he needs a lot of fuel and protein, so when he requests dinner from me it's usually meat, meat, and more meat.

My body has been feeling very good since the intake of less meat, so now I'm realizing my life can be fine without so much of it.

I think this can all be very easily resolved by explaining to our new cook to make Ramsey's portions doused with meat, and mine with a few bits to none. I can get my protein from tofu, nuts, and milk and a bunch of other favorite foods.

I think my friend Layne has inspired me. She recently turned Vegetarian. And now that I hang out with Vish, who is also, I just keep getting inspired. My body really does feel so good right now. But I'm not turning Vegetarian. By no means. Don't get me wrong-I love me my meat. It's just that I need to calm down a bit on it.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Since my accident I have been eating almost all vegetarian foods. My jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks and it was impossible to eat anything that wasn't highly liquefied, so meat was excluded from my diet out of necessity. Now that I am able to eat "real" food again, I've stayed away from meat except in small portions a few times a week. I realized that I feel really good when the majority of my food comes from vegetables and fruit. I'll never be a full-fledged vegetarian, but I'll definitely be eating meat more sparingly in the past. Good luck on your endeavors, Vanessa!

  2. I agree that you can do it with portions. We try and split a little bit of meat between all four of us, and go heavy on the veggies, and maybe brown rice. I love meat, but I think as Americans we eat way more than our body needs, since we aren't out working the fields anymore, or trying to survive a bitter cold winter without heat. Great idea to have your cook make more for Ramsey and less for you. Then you can still eat the same meals, just adapt the ratios to your needs.

  3. Great job on being semi-vegetarian! If I had a Chinese cook, I would try that, too. I love Chinese food that doesn't have too much meat.

  4. Giving up meat? I'll have to disown you as my sister ;)