28 September 2010

Happy Thoughts

I have been in China for 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day. I'm happy. Life is good. I was supposed to sing a duet with Ramsey in church but he had food poisoning (bad exotic fruit) the morning we were supposed to do it and I had to quickly get to church and had no time to phone anyone to cancel it. So I showed up a little late and while the 2nd counselor is making the announcements he sees me alone and says, "It appear that Sister Dewey is alone today, so I don't think we'll have the pleasure of hearing the Deweys sing a duet." And I respond in front of the whole congregation, "I can give my testimony instead" and he agrees. So after the first speaker, I go up and bear my testimony and I start off about how much I love being in China and that it doesn't really matter what I do for a job as long as I'm in China I am happy. I talked about how we all have choices and one of them is to be happy and that we shouldn't compare ourselves to others and should be satisfied with the life we have. And then I continued with my testimony of Jesus Christ.

I would like to bear my testimony to everyone on this blog.

Everyone, I know Christ atoned for our sins. He is the bread of life. All we have to do is feast on his words. He is the way, the truth, the only path that makes sense. All the other paths will only bring us sorrow. And yes, we may not realize it at the time because the world is telling us what they think brings happiness. But do they have the comprehensibility of a God? No. We, as a human race, are trapped. Our minds can only reveal to us what we have learned since birth. Yes, as a human race, we are constrained. Everyone has the desire to "make it on their own." Everyone would like to trust their own ideas and instincts but the reality is we don't have enough knowledge. We MUST rely on God. How do we know what God wants and expects of us? He doesn't leave us in the dark. He has given us so many tools: prayer, the scriptures, modern day prophets, the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is real. I have been given this spiritual gift since the day of my baptism. He helps me make wise choices. I know if I hadn't received the Holy Ghost, there are a lot more stupid decisions I would be making in my life right now. I also know that he is a precious gift that can leave. There are times in my life, I didn't feel his presence as strongly, and let me tell you, that has scared me to death. Sometimes, we just need that reminder of our goal and what our purpose is here. I'm so grateful for all these "helps" I get from my Heavenly Father.

One of the women in the branch came up to me after church and told me she was glad about what I said about loving China and loving living here. She said a lot of the women in the branch, including her, needed to hear that. There are a lot of trailing spouses that haven't been able to adapt to life in China and so she was happy to hear my passion for China.

Why do I love China? I'm not sure I can properly sum it up. There's too many things. All I know, is that this is the first time in my life where I feel genuinely happy for such a long period. I feel complete. I feel at home. I love my branch. They are the best branch ever. I have a much better job then I've ever had. I eat a lot more healthy than I ever have. I have more time than I ever have. I am learning a language I love. I'm surrounded by a culture that I love even if at times it doesn't make too much sense. ;) I have a free apartment, with all my utilities paid for. I have a cutest little sausage dog that is the best cuddler ever. I have the most amazing husband that tells me he loves me constantly. All of these things together make me feel so blessed. Yes, things could always be better. I could be richer. My hair could behave in this weather. lol. But it doesn't matter. I've learned to be fulfilled with what I got. And what I've got right now is awesome.


  1. It always makes me happy to read about how fulfilling this experience has been for you. And, it's the perfect time in your life to do it, when you're young, willing to adapt, and have an untarnished sense of adventure. People often lose that as they get older. During my brief stay there, I asked myself if I could do it full time. I wasn't so sure. 5 years ago, I think I would have loved the idea. Now? Maybe I'm a little too reliant on my creature comforts.

  2. Love it! So glad you are so happy!! (Although, I hope it doesn't mean you're never coming back to our side of the ocean). What a great attitude you have and what a strong testimony!! xoxoxo