14 September 2010

India 2011 here I come!

As some of you may know, I have a new best friend, Vish. Which by the way does not replace any of my other best friends (aka Layne, Lu, and Becca). Her husband works here and she doesn't have any kids which is perfect. (Not saying peeps with kids are not perfect to hang out with, but it's a lot easier to hang out with Vish, riding my scooter with her in tow around town, and bargaining in Korea Town, for example.)

Vish and her husband and me and my husband have all become friends. Vish goes back to India every year. In fact, she's in India right now, and I miss her dearly. Anyway, one night after watching Indian comedies at her apartment while eating delicious Indian food that her cook made, she mentioned about wanting to show me around India. I was instantly intrigued. She said she would do all the travel plans. Traveling is also so much better when you have someone to do all the planning.

So we agreed that India is too hot in the summer and that we should take advantage of the full week holiday that China has every Oct. Then it would be up to Ramsey and I to get one more week off work, which shouldn't be too hard since I only work 2-3 x a week anyway.

We will be visiting New Dehli and hanging out with Vish's husband's family. Then heading off to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and then the northwest desert part where we will see many sites and ride camels and the like. Then we will head to the south, visit Chennai and then Vish's hometown- Hangout with her relatives, head over to the south east, look at the beautiful lush greenery and mountains, maybe ride an elephant and pet a baby tiger....


  1. Jealous! Sounds amazing :)

  2. That is so awesome!

    Do you have any Hindi movies to recommend? We loved Rocket Singh and Chak De India.

  3. The Taj Mahal. The man who built that palace was thrown into prison by his Muslim son, shortly before the empire fell. It was built by the request of his wife to honor her. He and his wife are buried there. I'm studying India in humanities.

  4. Awesome!! So jealous. Eat lots of Naan bread and curry for me!!