11 September 2010

The Travel Bug: 10 year Travel Plan

I have the travel bug. Besides the occasional inland trip, I've decided that I'm going to pick an international destination a year to visit. This is a really easily realized dream. I'm not the type of person that spends all my money on clothes, bags, shoes. I don't need all the latest technology. I really just want to enjoy my life and live for experiences rather than possessions. I love making memories. I want to make all these memories with Ramsey. I want pictures to show to our future kids. I basically want to live a life full of rich experiences. I've never been really good at saving money, but I'm going to try.

One family home evening, Ramsey and I discussed all the places we wanted to visit. Here is what we came up with:

2011: India (See the Taj Mahal, Dehli, some desert lands, riding camels, and elephants, then heading the south to visit Vishnu and her relatives) {This one, Vish and I discussed, but Ramsey agreed to}

2012 has two trips because these places are close to China and the flights are cheap:
2012 Summer: Japan (Few cities tour...including the Miyazaki museum of course) {I want my brother Jer to join us for this one}
2012 Fall: Thailand Tour (Bangkok and Phuket)

2013: Mexico Tour (all over...like taking local transportation aka buses filled with chickens) {Also, planning to invite Ramsey's brother Joseph since he loves Mexico. And my brother Kevin (who served his mission in Mexico) and his wife, Trinh, can join us too if they're not too busy.}

At this point the order isn't solid.

2014: Great Britain Tour (England, Scotland, Ireland)/Visit Ramsey's aunts, uncles, great uncles, great aunts, cousins {basically his mom's side of the family. We also plan on inviting Ramsey's mom.}

2015: South American Tour (Centering around Argentina-->Ramsey's mission)

2016: The Mediterranean Tour (Following the coastline: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, South of France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel) {Possibly the most ambitious tour. Ramsey came up with this one}

2017: Australia/New Zealand {My choice}

2018: Central America Tour {Ramsey's choice}

2019: Holocaust Tour (Visit Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands...visiting concentration camps, Ann Frank's House). {This was at near the top of my list since I read Holocaust books as one of my hobbies, but Ramsey put this on the bottom. Compromises. ;) }

2020: Hawaii {Ramsey's choice}

2021: Viking Tour (Iceland, Eastern Canada, New England) {I didn't name this tour, Ramsey did.}

Besides the India tour which is being completely arranged by my friend Vishnu, if there are any of these tours that you would like to join us for, let me know. I would arrange all the travel plans, itinerary, and tickets. You would just have to pay your part. ;)


  1. Maybe count us in for the New Zealand trip in 2017. My husband served his mission there and we have always talked about going back. So, with this very ambitious 10 year travel plan does that mean kids are more than 10 years off? Or would you travel with them? I ask because if I could I would go to New Zealand tomorrow but our kids are still too young for me to feel comfortable leaving them for that long and I don't want to take them on that long of a flight. :)

  2. Some trips are designed to handle kids better. Like the Great Britain trip is a good one, since we will be visiting Ramsey's family. Other trips we may have to leave them with relatives. I'm sure by 2017, your kids will be old enough. =)