12 October 2010

Lu Time

Ramsey, Lu, and I went to see the film "Inception" in theatres. (Yes, I know, it's been out for a long time.) Anyway, I have to say, I love that film so much. It's definitely my kind of film. I think about dreams a lot and the process that is involved. I felt like I really understood the movie even in all its complexity and Ramsey and I discussed it for a good 2 days afterward. =)

Lunch with Lu

No, I didn't order it.

Ramsey is so good at video games that he was playing this game forever on only 2 coins (40 cents). The only reason it ended was cuz he was getting bored. He just can't die. heh heh

Outside the video arcade

Yeah, I was a little too big to ride on it. But I tried.


  1. You look so great! And I am loving your blog layout!! If you feel inclined to share where your template came from, I'd LOVE to know :-)

  2. Thanks! My blog layout is one of the blogger ones. I'm pretty sure it's like the first page, because I didn't really look through them, just chose one instantly cuz it looked "travel-y" =)