27 October 2010

Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market...

...where all of your wildest pet needs come true!!!

Like for example if you want a chained cat

Perhaps a pet cricket so you can indulge in your cricket fighting hobby

An albino turtle is always so cute!

Baby turtles that are illegal in the US for fear that children will put them in their mouths

Some pretty birds

A really cheap parrot that wants outta there!

Random colorful fish everywhere. (I mean EVERYWHERE in this place)

Slimy black salamanders...the neon orange ones via picture didn't turn out.


Lovely/weird plant specimens

And after all of THAT, this is all I came home with:
a bonsai plant.


  1. What kind of ungodly crickets are those?!

    I want me some baby turtles :)

  2. Audrey says she really wants of one those baby turtles!