01 November 2010

Halloween Shanghai Style

Vish, her husband, Ramsey, and I went to a haunted house the Friday before Halloween. I have to say I was really impressed. Supposedly the guy who created it is an engineer and his girlfriend is an artist. Together, they made a pretty authentic haunted house. They had traveled to America to visit the top 60 haunted house and to study what had worked and what hadn't to create the best one they could.
I believe they did an awesome job. It was very creative and spooky. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but I have to say, the actors were very well trained and did a great job, My favorite part is that you can easily get lost inside and there's this part you have to crawl through a tunnel, but if you're fat, you're out of luck. That's what I love about China, it's never PC and they don't care.

Other parts I enjoyed was a severed body which was being hacked by a saw suddenly raised and arm at me; lots of spikes almost falling on my head, a truck about to smack right into me; someone grabbing at my ankles through a very thin corridor (after they said no actors would touch us. lol), the girl from "The Ring" crawling out of a t.v., a mad scientist, the hall of mirrors that I got lost in, and the rotating room.

Waiting in line for the haunted house

On Saturday, there was a branch Halloween party. Ramsey was training some people and didn't come, and honestly, I don't know why I came. It was clearly made for the kids and I felt a little awkward being the only adult in a costume (I was a witch).

But thankfully, that night there was an "adult" Halloween party at a friend's house and we watched the Halloween episode of the latest "The Office" and "Modern Family." There were plenty of goodies as well. The host is a pretty good party planner.

On actual Halloween, (the Sunday), we didn't actually do anything but Ramsey and I took Sophie on a walk and we reminisced about childhood Halloweens. We just kind of hanged out. I wanted to watch a horror film, but I think we ended up just eating dinner and turning in early.

Here is a picture of me and one of my classes on the friday before Halloween.

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